Our Story

Camp Print was founded out of a joint love for camping and signage…The business idea was slowly developed after months discussions between Camp Print’s founders, Tim and Camren.  Tim comes from a printing a signage business (specializing in the Zoo industry) and Camren comes from a digital marketing background.

Camp Print specializes in custom campground signage (both die-cut and regular signs).  We see the need for specialized signage in the camping industry and are happy to provide world-class, professional, and custom signs for campgrounds across the United States and Canada.

We offer no obligation, free quotes to anyone in the camping industry needing signage.  Please let us know what you are looking for and any ideas you might have and we will be happy to get designing! Get your free quote today!

What Clients Say


These signs are well designed and do their job.  I will use Camp Print for all my signage needs in the future.

Jalen Lubbers

28 y.o.

I had been wanting custom signs for my campground for awhile when I stumbled across Camp Print…It only took about 3 emails for them to come up with a design that I loved and accurately portrayed my brand…The sign arrived and was even better than I was hoping…I will slowly but surely swap out all my old standard signs to new, custom die-cut signs.

Elisha Elmers

25 y.o.

I took advantage of the great buy 50 get 50 site signs deal Camp Print offered and after I got the signs I was so impressed I ordered a new entrance sign.  This will be my go-to company for all my campground signage in the future. Thanks Camp Print!

Kristine Wallinga

32 y.o.

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